My Favorite Twitter Bios

I’ve been on Twitter for about ten months now. It’s been at times a guilty pleasure and at other times truly rewarding — but almost always fun. There’s a great deal of wit to be found there, not only in individual tweets but also in users’ biographies. These can run up to 160 characters (twenty more than a tweet), and can serve a variety of purposes: sharing something about your personality or your job, selling a book you just wrote, making a joke, or uttering complete nonsense. As always with Twitter, there are no rules, but over time, quality gets sifted and highlighted. A good indication of a user’s skill with the service is how effective that user’s bio is. What prompted this post was my desire to share some of those that I found effective and preserve them for posterity (Twitter users tend to consider these things easily replaceable for some reason). And why not make a game of it? On the left are twelve of my favorite bios. On the right are the Twitter handles and names of the authors. Match them in the comments section, or in your head. Enjoy.

1.       Writer, writer, writer. Oh, I also write. a.       @BradBirdA113
2.       My life is my art and therapy is my palette (JK, I make movies & shows. Like the movie@tinyfurniture & @GirlsHBO) b.       @michellebranch
3.       I love all the arts-but I love movies most-because they combine so many of them. c.       @russellcrowe
4.       Pale, awkward and very very small. Form an orderly queue, gents. d.      @johncusack
5.       older than my children, younger than my parents,get the odd job e.       @lenadunham
6.       Director of Toy Story 3. Pixar Handyman. Curator of Cabinets of Curiosities. Longtime caretaker of the Overlook Hotel. Tiki God. f.        @neilhimself (Neil Gaiman)
7.       Proud Mom g.       @AnnaKendrick47
8.      singer/songwriter, mother, backyard chicken farmer, baker, wrecker, lover of the f word, good food, wine and palindromes. h.       @joelmchale
9.       Wow, I only have 160 characters to write about myself. That does not seem enough time to express who I am and what I believe in and, well , damn, I’m out of tim i.        @susanorlean
10.   I am a tiny Canadian. j.        @EllenPage
11.    will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down. k.       @JPosnanski (Joe Posnanski)
12.    Apocalyptic sh** disturber and elephant trainer. l.        @leeunkrich

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