Popcorn and Peril

20130421-144148.jpg Daniel Robison is a friend of mine. We met in college and had a lot of fun watching movies together for a few years. Although we live a time zone apart now, we’ve stayed in touch and co-write a movie review blog called Gaffer MacGuffin’s Movie House, wherein we do our best to continue the hallowed Siskel & Ebert tradition — or ramble on about stuff that interests us, you be the judge. Daniel has a personal movie-related blog as well called Popcorn and Peril, and months ago he was kind enough to plug my blog in a post there. Well, it’s high time I returned the favor. Daniel watches a wide variety of movies and likes to write about the ones he enjoyed, so there’s a lot of appreciation and energy in what he writes. If, like me, you’re always ready to read something else about film, then I highly recommend you check out his blog.

Here are some of my personal favorite films that he’s written about: The Iron Giant, The Rocketeer, Scream, and Attack the Block.

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