New Feature! — Full Movie Index

To simplify browsing on this blog, I’ve added a new page, as you can see above, called “Full Movie Index.” It includes links to all the movies I’ve covered in any sort of depth, mostly in “My Favorite Movies” and “Double Feature” posts, in alphabetical order. I thought about including all the movies I’ve put on lists as well, but it was looking overcrowded, and I don’t know how to make the page easier to navigate. Plus, it doesn’t really count if I’ve only written a paragraph about a movie (or just one scene from the movie), as is the case with my “Lists” posts. Anyway, the index joins the “Categories” and monthly archives menus to the left, and the “tags” cloud to the right, as probably the best ways to find whatever you’re looking for. There’s also a search menu on the top left, of course. This is probably all the tweaking I’ll do with my blog’s appearance for some time. I’m happy with how it’s looking.

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