Toy Story: “The Boy Is Mine”

I’m still not entirely sure if editing videos will become a second avocation for me, much less replace this first one. But a few days ago, this idea came to me, and I figured I’d have a go at it. Is it anything? The problem with this kind of effort is that, in contrast to a meme or a gif, there’s plenty of time during the process of putting it together for self-doubt. The same thing happened with my “faves of the decade” video, even though the subsequent response to it has been entirely positive. Several times I wondered, then and now, Is this just incurably weird, so much so that it should remain safely inside my head? I don’t often throw caution to the wind, but for some reason I did this time.

The inspiration for setting the main conflict of Toy Story to a pop song clearly owes a lot to AMVs, or anime music videos, fan art that goes back to the early days of videos on the internet. I practically ripped off one in particular, a video that uses “The Boy Is Mine” to illustrate the rivalry of the characters Ryoko and Ayeka on the anime Tenchi Muyo! It’s a video that I first saw more than a decade ago and that has since been reposted on YouTube. That concept is much more natural, although as you can see in my video, the rivalry between Woody and Buzz does have something in common with it. And at this point, the Impostor Syndrome seesaw swings the other way. It’s not “weird,” it’s too obvious. Somebody probably made a video like this fifteen years ago, you just didn’t find it in your feeble plagiarism-proofing searches. I’m prepared to eat crow if that turns out to be the case, but for now, here’s my thing, anyway.

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