About Me

This blog, formerly known as Infinite Crescendo, is a place to study and appreciate film and other art forms. I’ve been writing about movies, music, words, and history for years, and I still feel I’ve barely begun. When you climb a hill, you find that you can now see the tallest mountains better. This project is my act of climbing, whether I’m expressing myself through poetry and the praise of my favorite art, or studying the way films interact with each other throughout the last century. Engaging with both form and content, running those things through personal and political sieves, including my Christian faith, is a constant struggle, but I think I’m getting better at it. As with Geppetto’s clocks, everything has a face. The intricate, funny, sometimes bawdy works of our hands can be both practical and extravagant, a salve for loneliness, creation renewing itself.

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